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Trendy Gifts for Boys 8 - 12 Years

Trendy Gifts for Boys 8 - 12 Years

We are spilling the beans on wish lists for boys aged 8 to 12.  Check out this list - it's sick.

Welcome to our very specific gift idea series! If you’re hunting for the most current kids’ gift, boy or girl, we have you covered!


This is the go-to cool kid gift, for the sporty outdoor child who seems to have an endless amount of energy bursting from within. Great to get those kids outside and building those muscles!

Beyblade Burst

Interested in battles? The Beyblade company have taken it a step further with the Slingshock battle burst collision set. This game involves strategy with 2 Slingshock modes and options to vary the Beyblade Energy layers. The beystadium provides the ‘batteground.’ This is ideal to play alone and with friends.


Nintendo Switch console & games

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart? Video games make ideal gifts because they are compact and portable so kids can play at their friend’s house.

If you have boys stuck indoors – then this is a lifeline.


Robotics and Coding Kits

The final gift idea is the ultimate challenge for problem-solvers and kids interested in coding and robotics. These toys build software and hardware skills, promote STEAM and are ideal for both genders.

We hope you found what you're looking for! And if not, drop us a message. We would love to hear from you.
Note: Images used in this post are copyrighted and for the authorised use by giftSavvy.


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