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Trendy Gifts for Girls 4 - 7 Years

Trendy Gifts for Girls 4 - 7 Years

Welcome to our very specific gift idea series! If you’re hunting for the most current kids’ gift, boy or girl, we have you covered! What’s trending in gifts will depend on the age group, kids’ interests and personality. We are sharing with you some secret wish lists.This list is in ascending order of age, starting from 4 years – 7 years. 


This is the first on our list for preschool aged kids as it’s a popular surprise style gift. Firstly, the surprise factor keeps kids interested and kids love collecting all of them. This makes for a fun group game when friends come over. Be careful with small pieces if you have toddlers around.


Le Toy Van, Cherry Tree Hall Doll House

Who doesn’t love a doll-house and this is just extravagance galore! This gorgeous home encourages pretend play, allowing the child to create, imagine and explore.

Dress Up Costumes I was surprised by this, but girls LOVE to dress up as fictional (mostly Disney) characters. Some of these costumes can cost an arm and a leg though.

Kids’ Smart Watch

This is all the craze with kids at school. Some of these watches are waterproof, so swimming lessons have now become more fascinating! Kids can check their step count, parents can keep track of where their kids are and the added benefit of getting kids to be active. The downfall, they're usually on the pricey side and there's always a risk the child loses it somewhere.

STEM toys (Science, Education Experiments)

Because we want to encourage a generation of women into STEM subjects in the future, where men (currently) dominate in these sectors. We have found that physics inspired toys are popular with girls. Other popular STEM gifts includes volcanos, and other experiments.

VTech Camera

Children in this era are tech-savvy! They will grab a parent’s phone and take 1000 (mostly shakey) images of people and random carpet images. This way kids can now walk around perfecting their photography skills, and most importantly, save mum and dad’s phone memory space.

Singing Microphone – Karaoke Machine

Superstars, that’s what children want to be. Many girls love to sing so this Karaoke Machine is a fabulous – family fun way to spend a weekend. All their friends will love to come by too.
There you have it, our list of current trending gifts for 2021 in this age group. Stay tuned for our next gift idea series.

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