1. Create event,
add gifts & share
with friends

2. Receive guest's contributions

3. Enjoy your gifts
on time

Why gift funding?

  • Declutters your home from unwanted toys
  • Helps our environment through less toy waste
  • Free to use, with no transaction fees

What people say

Support a children’s charity

Kids helping kids. Support a kids' charity and add a donation to your event. It's a great way to instil gratitude and experience the gift of giving to those in need.


Why should I use giftSavvy?

Because we make receiving kids’ gifts easy and sustainable with less clutter in the home. Your guests will love it too as it saves them time and guilt from contributing to toy waste. Plus giftSavvy is quick and free.. two things we all love.

How is giftSavvy free to use?

We get this question a lot. We’re a store and like any online retailer, we make money on the products we sell. So we offer you a free platform to connect you with your guests. And NO transaction fees… ka-ching!

When do I get my gifts?

Gifts are delivered safely to your door before your child’s event. We know how important it is to receive your gifts in time. You will receive email updates on your delivery and can check the status any time at auspost.com.au/mypost/track.

How do I ask guests to chip in?

It could go something like… “More than anything, we appreciate your presence and Amy already has tonnes of stuff. In case you wish to gift something, you are welcome to co-contribute to this group gift. It’s a way to reduce our carbon footprint”

1 tree planted for every gift bought

Australia is experiencing one of the largest natural disasters in history, impacting our beautiful wildlife. For every gift purchased, giftSavvy donates 1 tree to be planted in Australia.

Be Savvy


No more clutter from
unwanted gifts

Reduce waste

Help the environment &
consume consciously


Support a children's

It’s quick to get started

and it’s free