How it works

1. Create event and
add gifts

Sign up and enter your event name
and date. Browse the giftSavvy
catalogue and choose gifts your
kids will love. The beauty of pooling
your guest's contribution means
you can choose higher value gifts.

2. Share your event

Write a personal message to your
guests for the birthday, Xmas or
special occasion.
Share the event link via SMS,
facebook, whatsapp, email etc.
asking them to contribute.

3. Receive guest’s contributions

Track your guests’ contributions and
receive their personalised messages.
All messages and contributions are
noted on your private event details
page for you to say thank you in your
own personal way.

4. Enjoy your gifts
on time

We know how important it is to receive
your gifts on time for your event. Choose
your delivery date and track the status of
your delivery to your door, so you’re all set.

5. Receive eGift Card
for surplus funds

For any extra funds, we'll send you an
eGift Card for you to choose from a long
list of big brands, or take the opportunity
to choose a charitable cause to donate to.