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Harper Bee Pastel Galaxy Sky Set Bundle

This Harper Bee pastel star galaxy style set bundle includes a velcro library bag, drawstring swim bag, two zip pencil case and book cover.

Sports bag

Signature Harper Bee weekend duffel! Big enough to fit anything you need to take with you on a sleepover, to school, to stay a week at friend's house.... or maybe you just want it because it's super pretty.

Cotton duffel bag with 2 handles and an adjustable shoulder strap.

H 32cm x L 50cm x D 26cm


Swim bag

The drawstring swim bag features water resistant lining, zipped pocket and is perfect for swimming, school sports and weekend day trips.

H 53cm x W 37cm


Water Bottle

Stainless Steel water bottles will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours. Because no one wants warm chocolate milk. Ew. Drink sparkling water from this water bottle to feel sparkly on the inside.

  - 500 mL container
  - Cushioned rubber foot
  - Opening is large enough for ice cubes and small enough for drip-free drinking
  - Fits comfortable in a standard-size cup holder
  - Eco-friendly
  - 25 cm tall x approx 7 cm diameter


Book Cover

Book covers will fit most A4 notebooks (non-spiral bound). Made of soft non-toxic PVC.

H 30.4cm x W 43cm (opened)